Friday, April 01, 2005

Illustrious Fridays

What's a Friday without some pulp fiction art? This time it's from a gallery for a show from 2003 of the works of Norm Eastman.

Denis Goulet offers some terrific, stylized illustrations. I love the color choices and the humor and the retro feel to it.

Penelope Dullaghan's work is charming.

Ray Caesar's works are completely in the digital medium. They are gothic, cyberpunk, creepy, and I'm fascinated by them.

Andrew Hickenbottom
is a 3D modeler. I like how he shows you some of how the work goes together on the site.

Show and Tell Music offers album covers of yesteryear.

Ronnie Del Carmen
has some interesting sketches on his site. His palette tends to be bright and his subjects, more often than not, are young women. Once again, he has a good style.

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