Tuesday, September 25, 2007


If anything, this article proves that stupidity regarding no tolerance laws and immaturity in attitudes regarding sexuality isn't the exclusive provenance of the United States. No, Canada is also idiotic about these things, too. From the article:
A good example is a current case in northern Alberta where an 18-year-old
man is charged with possession of child pornography and distribution of child

The allegations are that a 17-year-old girl took a series of nude
photographs of herself and e-mailed them to the man’s cell phone and he later
showed them to other people.

Sources say the girl’s father got wind of what had happened and stormed
off to the local police detachment. The resulting investigation led to an arrest
and charges.

Legal experts say there is nothing criminal about two people in a
consensual relationship sharing X-rated photos, even if one of them is under 18,
as long as the older person is relatively close in age and not in a position of

But, as soon as you start sharing the pictures with others, you
have technically become a child porn distributor.

And, under the law, a person convicted of distributing or transmitting
child porn faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a minimum of one
year in jail.

Even a conviction of possession of child pornography carries a minimum
penalty of 45 days behind bars.

So, why are prosecutors pursuing this? Why is the father such an idiot that he reports this to the local police? Why did police charge the man? Why did the young man do something so foolish as share the pictures (and if he did it without her consent, then he is a cad)?

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