Wednesday, November 07, 2007

New word

Well, new to me anyhow: "Vegequarium".

Scene: Cute man and woman, both in their early 30s, chatting at a coffee house. Both are highly educated professionals. They have some minor shared event like a class they had in college on the east coast and ran into each other on the west coast. Both are very outgoing and are also clearly attracted to each other. They are doing their best to engage conversation, listen to each other, be humorous, demonstrate their maturity, and their attractiveness. She is discussing having guests to her new home this Thanksgiving for the first time. He suggests a free range, organic turkey.

"I don't think I can do that," she says. "I'm vegequarium. I mean, I'm vegetarian, but I eat seafood. My parents are vegetarian, but I found that I love seafood and couldn't give it up. I've never eaten beef and tried pork only once."

There you have it boys and girls, "vegequarium". A mash up of "vegetarian" and "aquarium".

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