Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thar she blows!

Am I the only person who thinks that Bernanke just put lipstick on a pig today? That he's hoping for short term relief in order to give industry leaders time to find a reasonable way out of their problems (even though the reasonable way may have been to do nothing)? That, in order to provide that short term relief, he's prolonging the inevitable and making the pain felt by average citizens ultimately harder and sharper? That the weak dollar policy that has been pursued in recent years is coming back to bite us?

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Scott said...

And he did it again. Got to help out the the middle and upper class. It deeply disappoints me that the economy is the number one issue. Edwards pointed out to me this is a middle and upper class issue, and poverty is a much bigger problem. Of course anyone who doesn't see Iraq is the most important issue is delusional.

The fed interest cut and the tax rebate (giveaway, bribe, whatever) are the gop's modern day version of free bread and circuses.