Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I never should have done it. I got a copy of Adam and the Ants second album, Kings of the Wild Frontier, last week. I have fond memories of this album. My vinyl copy of it is well worn. So buying it again as mp3s was a no brainer. Still, I hadn't ANTicipated the result would be that I have several ear worms that seem to constantly be playing at one time or another in my head. Much as I love the music, I feel a lot sillier singing these songs in public than I did back in the 80s.


Scott said...

Friend or Foe is still one of my favorite albums. The beat sounds a little more focused and restrained in these, but the I feel the same energy.

B.D. said...

Oh, I got that one, too, while I was at it. I'm afraid of putting it in and getting it stuck in my head.

These were from his first album. Prince Charming was also a pretty good record.

FWIW, if you never saw him back in the day, he put on a helluva show.