Friday, August 15, 2008


A friend of mine who was in the military has spoken with me before about McQueeg's military service. He acknowledges the man's service as a captive and torture victim, but goes on to speak about how McQueeg's relatives couldn't seem to get him a higher ranking upon graduation even though his family had members in high places. The media in the U.S. seems cowed by the fact that McQueeg's story has for so long pushed the Vietnam portion of the tale (with media assistance) that they fail to investigate his former student status let alone his career upon his return where he wasn't given the most presitigious duty, although he likes to promote it as otherwise.

Popbitch, that celebrity gossip site from the U.K., isn't bound by American media's (lack of) standards. This week they decided to state it plain in their email round up:
John McCain v Barack Obama

For anyone that didn’t know. John McCain was
at the bottom of his military class at Annapolis,
but still got to pilot a fighter plan due to
his father’s connections. He is the son and
the grandson of admirals. He finished
894 of 899 in his graduating class. Despite
crashing five aircrafts, John McCain was never
disciplined. And son-of-single-mother Obama is, of course, the privileged elitist.

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