Monday, October 27, 2008

Vote over

We voted yesterday. As is our habit, we sat down together after breakfast with our ballots and voter guide nearby and discussed the candidates and issues before us. Unlike the primary we mostly agreed on the choices. Now we can excuse ourselves from the advertising and other political nonsense until November 4th.


Albatross said...

Finally remembered to add your URL to my work laptop, so now I can remember to read your blog more than on the weekends!

So I'd love to see an Olbermann commentary on the fact that the "bail out" money is simply being stolen...

B.D. said...

I'd love that, too. Especially in light of the recent budget numbers (see new post) that suggest that the national debt has risen $500 billion in under one month due to the bail out. I was against the bail out. I have noted that a recession, albeit hurtful, would be good for the country and there would be better ways to spend the money while the correction took place.

This was highway robbery and both parties are to blame. A final payout from the Bush administration to it's friends (peppered with a little more deregulation to come) with the rather ignorant (at best) cooperation of Congressional Democrats.

And we mock Palin (rightfully so) for being ignorant? Look at what a Congress without hath wrought upon us.