Friday, February 20, 2009


I love to dance the tango with Love.
This is not a metaphor.
I refer to Love as a being, an entity that fills our universe.
A powerful force, this Love.
It moves me across the dance floor exhibiting fierceness and sensuality.
It shares a rose to my teeth and I bite.
Love taps it's feet hard against the floor
Love's arms move in swift, exacting manners.
Love's hips, so precise in their sway.
Love moves me and I follow it's calculated steps.
It's a never-ending dance.
Ooooooo, yeaaaaa...

Let me break it down for you:
I love to dance.
Tango is the dance of love.
Tango is a demonstration of fierce passion, sensuality, and the beautiful rhythms of two souls in synch with each other's movements.
Tango is a metaphor for Love.
The whole thing is self-referential.
Love itself is so BIG.
It surrounds me. It surrounds everything.
I can only hope to glimpse pieces of it by bringing moments of it into my life.
Through dance. Through Tango. Through love and fierce sensuality.
Flow with it, baby.
You've got to flow with it.

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