Thursday, November 11, 2010

New spirits

New special orders in the store this week:

Black Maple Hill Bourbon
, Bacardi Ron Solera 1873, Feckin' Irish Whiskey, Corzo Reposado, and Corzo Anejo.

Recently in:

Kelt Tour de Monde VSOP Cognac, Four Roses Bourbon, St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram, Cruzan Rum Cream, Caribou Crossing Single Barrel Canadian Whiskey, Ultimat Vodka, Don Julio 1942 Tequila, Haymen's Old Tom Gin, and Metaxa 7 star brandy.

Don't forget our Northwest Spirits:

Batch 206 Vodka and their Counter Gin, Dry Fly Gin and Vodka, Ebb + Flow vodka, Voyager Gin and their sister Pacifique Absinthe, Soft Tail Vodka and Grappa, It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere Block and Tackle White Dog Whiskey, Black Heron Spirits' Rayne Anjel Gin, Ink Vodka, and Desert Lightning White Dog Whiskey, Ransom Spirits' Ransom Gin, Small's Gin, and Whippersnapper Whiskey, Bend Distillery's Crater Lake Vodka and Cascade Mountain Gin, New Deal's Portland 88 and New Deal Vodkas, and Clear Creek's Pear Brandy, Apple Brandy, Marc, and Grappa of Pinot Noir.

Coming soon:

Woodinville Whiskey Company's Peabody Jones Vodka and Headlong White Dog Whiskey, Clear Creek's Cranberry Liqueur and Slivovitz, Yellow Chartreuse, Creme de Violette, French Creme de Cassis, and more...

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