Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year's

As usual, we're staying home for New Year's Eve. I really don't care much for going out on that night anymore. Frankly, the drunks on the road scare me. I'd rather stay in, enjoy a nice dinner, and watch a good flick or two.

We are going out today for some shopping. Shawn has the day off from work, so now's a good time to do it together. She starts back at school next weekend, so it's now or wait another 4 months. My parents gave us gift cards for Nordstrom's, so I think we'll drive downtown and spend those up. On the way back, we might pick up some crab, lobster, shrimp, or all three to enjoy for dinner. The grocery near us has a good deal on them. Note to self: pick up some coffee so you can remain awake until midnight. *smirk*

I dislike New Year's Resolutions. They seem to me to be shallow exercises that people feel the need to do and whether or not they are followed seriously seems rather arbitrary. When people look back on them, they often find that they didn't follow through on them for one reason or rationalization or another. I prefer setting goals when I see one that needs accomplishing. I do this at any time of the year when I feel the need to take one to task. Whether or not I show progress on that goal in a year's time, I don't feel the need to berate myself at year's end about it. In any case, some current goals:

1) Lose some weight by exercising more
2) Drink less or not at all (related, in part, to number 1).
3) Read more
4) Write more
5) Make peace with myself and my world (long term goal that is constantly in flux)

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