Monday, October 16, 2006

Incompetent President abets N. Korea's nuclear ambitions

If this doesn't put an end to the lie of Clinton being blamed for the current problems with North Korea, then nothing will. Of course, the Bush zealots will dispute the story. There seems to be some truth in the reporting. For instance, why wasn't doctor Kahn (from Pakistan) ever prosecuted for selling nuclear information and materials to Libya and North Korea? Why, as has been previously reported, did the Saudis want Bush to spend more time on Iraq and Iran than on North Korea? We need more investigations and reporting. Given the current level of talk from the president about the grave danger North Korea now is, it seems his administrations lack of competency has led us into a worse space than we originally thought. I await Kindasleazy Rice's statement to the effect of "No one could have foreseen that North Korea would actually test a nuclear device."

Read the article here, excerpt below:

Why would Team Bush pull back our agents from nabbing North Korea’s bomb connection? The answer in two words: Saudi Arabia.

The agent on the line said, “There were always constraints on investigating the Saudis.” Khan is Pakistani, not Saudi, but, nevertheless, the investigation led back to Saudi Arabia. There was no way that the Dr. Strangelove of Pakistan could have found the billions to cook up his nukes within the budget of his poor nation.

We eventually discovered that agents knew the Saudis, who had secretly funded Saddam’s nuclear weapons ambitions in the eighties, apparently moved their bomb-for-Islam money from Iraq to Dr. Khan’s lab in Pakistan after Saddam invaded Kuwait in 1990.

But, said the insider, our agents had to let a hot trail grow cold because he and others “were told to back off the Saudis.” If you can’t follow the money, you can’t investigate. The weapons hunt was spiked.


Scott said...

Didn't you know? It was really all David Kuo's fault.

B.D. said...

Will it be known in the future as Kahn Kuo Pro?