Thursday, October 12, 2006

Word of the day

I learned a new word today: flensing. According to it means "To strip the skin of blubber from (a whale, for example). Now, apply that word to Jabba the Hastert:

Who is that with Jabba? Why that's K.A. Paul! He's a minister who held a reported 90 minute meeting with the Speaker during which he claims that he urged Hastert to resign. Who is K.A. Paul? Why, he's a Republican who has allegedly led prayer meetings with the likes of Yugoslavia's Slobodon Milosovec, Liberia's Charles Taylor, and Iraq's Saddam Hussein. He's also allegedly used photos taken of himself at a leper colony headed by another minister and claimed it was his own in order to raise money! He is the spiritual adviser to the scum of the earth. He even claims to have met several Al Quaida people and preached to them. He also claims to have met with Tom Delay several times and even prayed with President Bush.

Jabba the Hastert says that he was "duped" into meeting with Mr. Paul. If that were true, then why did he have a 90 minute meeting? How stupid is the Speaker of the House to be "duped" by such a charlatan? Why do they look so cozy in his office? Why did he allow this picture to be taken?

Now, I'm not sure if Mr. Paul has anything to do with the infamous fish stick woman (Mrs. Paul), but if I were Jabba the Hastert, I'd be wondering right now if I had been flensed!

(There, I used it in a sentence).

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