Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rumsfeld resigns

CNN has the story. Bob Gates is nominated by Bush, presumably so he can revive Iran/Contra against Ortega. Seriously, Rumsfeld - a figure in the Nixon Administration towards the end of the Vietnam War - resigns and Bush nominates Gates who had a peripheral role in the Iran/Contra scandal right after Daniel Ortega is re-elected in Nicaragua?!!? Let's do the Time Warp agaaaaaaiiiiinnnnn!

Fuck, this man is living in the past. His election result? Update by 15 years, but still living in the past...and we gotta listen to the asshat for 2 more years.


Scott said...

This posted on the discussion group at work. Very Rovian, lose-lose for the world, win-win for the retards.

A friend of mine just pointed out another aspect to the new power mix and Rumsfeld's departure:

Dubya has nominated Robert Gates to replace Rumsfeld. If for any reason Gates is not approved by the Senate, the next most-likely candidate (and this has been talked about quite a while) is none other than Joe Lieberman. If Lieberman became Defense Secretary, his replacement would be appointed by Connecticut's Republican governor.

I think it's safe to say that Gates will be enthusiastically confirmed by the Senate regardless of his "stay the course" attitude.

B.D. said...

Good point about Loserman. In fact, I wondered why Bush didn't go with him in the first place.