Thursday, November 16, 2006

Supertelevangelistic Sex-and-drugs Psychosis

Lyrics and the mp3 file for Pastor Ted here.


Albatross said...

I took me a couple of days to stop laughing long enough to type a comment.

Frankly, anyone brilliant enough to rhyme "sex and drugs psychosis" with "plague and bird flu mixed with osteoporosis" deserves to be elected King of All Comedy....

(Sign in with my Google Account? When did Google eat Blogger?)

B.D. said...

Google ate blogger a couple of years ago...right around the time that I created this blog. Having Google's backing was one of the reasons I took this route - they'd probably be around for a long time. After that, Google sat on this product and did nothing for a LONG time. They were criticized by many for a lack of improvements. The reason for the Google account login is that Google finally got the word that they were going to have to invest in Blogger (for upgrades at least) and have created a Beta version of the upgrades. I migrated the blog to the Beta several weeks after it debuted (being cautious).

Yea, that parody is just brilliant.