Sunday, December 10, 2006

Quiet lately

Sorry for all of the silence lately. The co-signer came home with a cold last week. Eventually, I got it and between struggling in to work and being sick, I didn't want to move for 5 days. I finally began feeling better on Tuesday and I tried publishing something to the blog. However, Blogger Beta is having one of it's problems. I'm not the only one to experience it either.

Blogger beta is having difficulties publishing photos. In my case, I'm getting no error message. I see network traffic going on in the upload mode via my router. The screen changes to the "You must sign in before proceeding screen" and then loops back to the upload photo screen with none of my previous data contained in it. No error and no results. I cannot upload with Picasa (latest version) either. This new problem crept in some time last week.

Right now, all one gets from the Google Help Group for Blogger is the standard (unhelpful) replies: try a different browser (same results in IE7 and FF2), try clearing your cache, cookies, and/or history (do that each time I close FF2 and did it in IE). And no one can explain the problem with Picasa which shows me the upload bar which then goes away with no results.

All and all, very frustrating. So, there's my long winded explanation. This is my last day off until the 24th. Hard to say how much blogging time I'll have in the next week, but I'll try to get back here more often.

In the meantime, read the Fight the Goodfight Ministries site and learn about the evils of rock and roll. Read their screed about Madonna and check their other exposes. Yep, they are nuts.

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