Thursday, January 18, 2007

More quickies

Some police officers, including former Seattle Police chief Norm Stamper, have formed an organization of officers opposed to the drug war. Interesting, short article here.

In Arizona, border patrol police say it's illegal to transport undocumented immigrants. So, before you give that injured person a ride to the hospital, check their papers otherwise your car may be impounded. By the way, impounding vehicles for a number of reasons is big (police) business in Arizona...even if you're not convicted and only suspected of a crime.

The big political news yesterday was that Bush was going to deign to follow the law and let his wiretapping programs fall under the jurisdiction of the courts. However, there are skeptics who think that it's not individual cases that are being reviewed, but rather the entire program, which, you know, still does NOT follow the law.

Stephen Hawking is now warning about global warming. Will the skeptics now pay attention? Doubtful.

For something completely different, and of course academic: Lesbian Pulp Fiction covers.

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