Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year's Eve

Warning: the post below describes acts of an adult nature. If you don't want to know about this side of my life, then stop reading now.

A friend of mine and I decided to go and see the Genitorturers play live in Seattle. As usual I asked the co-signer along and, as usual, she declined the invitation. To be certain that she wasn't just being gracious, I held off on purchasing the tickets until nearly the last minute. I didn't want a situation to arise whereby I got the tickets and then found out she was miffed about me going out that night without her. Thank goodness that issue never came up. And, in fact, it was really a good idea to go out with Croctommy. He had had a bad year and an awful December and wanted to do something to ring in the New Year right. "Getting beat up by Gen sounds like a perfect way to bring in the New Year" he told me. Who am I to argue?

The co-signer made last minute plans to see a movie with a friend. She left the house before I did. I took off and picked up Croctommy at our scheduled time. He had a detour to take. He needed to check on his car which was stolen on December 23rd and was found a week later. He didn't have the cash to store it some place before taking it to a garage to get the ignition fixed, so he was checking on it daily. We spotted a restaurant near the car to have a bite at. The car was safe. We went to dinner and when we got there, the place was hopping and the manager was telling someone on the phone that they didn't have any reservations available for at least 3 hours. We began making contingency plans, but to our surprise they sat us. Now, I was prepared for a concert and a fetish one at that. I was wearing a pair of jeans, and a Genitorturers t-shirt that read "Punish Me" in glow in the dark letters on the back. It reminded me of going out for dinner in NYC in typical Seattle wear and finding myself very under dressed for the place we went. Croctommy was wearing a nice black button down shirt, black jeans and dark shoes. He passed. If I were in my 20s, I'd have been very uneasy. In my 40s I chuckled and life went on. This was aided by the fact that our waitress came to the table and said, "Nice shirt" to me.

After a very good meal, we headed down to the new Fenix Underground. The original Fenix was in a really cool spot in Pioneer Square. It occupied 2 store fronts and an adjoining basement and had a large and a small stage. I liked that place a lot and saw several shows there. The earthquake destroyed that building and the Fenix relocated to a new place, where we last saw the Genitorturers. The new place had a really cool basement with a DJ set up and plenty of quality space for a dungeon. However, the upstairs space wasn't designed well and the stage was too small. They never seemed to book the quality acts that they used to host (everyone from George Clinton to Lee 'Scratch' Perry to smaller groups like the Gens). I went there twice and didn't care to go back. A new owner, a new location this time around. We were early, parking was abundant and we ended up 30 feet from the door. The wait wasn't long. The new Fenix is much larger, on one floor, a huge stage, pool tables available, and a restaurant/bar area that gets all of the music sound and has large windows and TVs on which to see the on stage action. Croctommy and I decided that we liked it a lot. Hopefully their bookings will increase.

We had a drink then went to check out the merchandise table. I was looking at the stuff when a woman who was supposed to be watching the table came over. It turns out that she manages an outlet of the optical firm from which I purchased my glasses. She spotted them right off. We struck up a conversation. Gen had stopped in the store earlier and needed an adjustment on her glasses. The woman's husband works for the Fenix. Gen was comped the adjustment (which Market Optical does for their own customers anyhow). Croctommy came over and I introduced him. We continued the chit chat. Croctommy looked at a sweat shirt, but they didn't have his size. I bought one instead. We chatted some more and then moved on. As we walked away Croctommy asked me where I'd met the woman working the merchandise table. I told him, "Here. Tonight." He couldn't believe we had never met. She was just nice (and a good marketer and probably a tad bored as the night was young).

Several drinks and a few opening acts later. Croctommy meets an elderly gentleman who was out bar hopping on New Year's Eve with his wife. Rupert didn't expect the scene at the Fenix that evening, but was enjoying it. Lots of latex. Lots of skimpy outfits. Lots of pretty bodies. One woman wearing hot pants, stockings, and skull and cross bone stickers over her nipples (was she wearing shoes?) particularly pleased him. Rupert showed his wife my t-shirt which features Gen in a latex corset, holding a riding crop, and wearing a neo-fascist hat with script that is a take off of prison guard sexploitation films. His wife leaned over to me and said "That's fucking awesome!" Cool.

The last opening act left the stage and we moved in to seek a spot in front. We landed center stage. I was up next to the stage this year while Croctommy was behind me. Last time we saw the Genitorturers play, Croctommy was a little closer to the stage. We got a lot of attention from Gen at that show - got to stroke and suck her strap on, suck a (toy) gun barrel, got our faces stuffed in her crotch, got slapped around a bit, etc. This show was less attention, but more surprise. The midnight hour came and of course there are slightly drunken people working through the crowd hugging everyone and wishing them a happy new year. Sweet. The place was crowded up front. Some photographers had moved in next to me on my left. When the show started shortly after midnight, Gen and the band were in fine form. Gen was ready to party that night. Dressed in a latex corset, gloves, hat, impossible boots, Gen strutted across the stage, singing, and carrying on like a woman on a mission. The band turned out their flavor of industrial/goth/fetish/metal very well. Gen mostly paid attention to the side stages, much to my dismay. To the right of me, a dyke punk (DP) was working hard to get Gen's attention and she did. DP was sporting a Mohawk, sideburns, a cotton wife beater t-shirt, muscular and tattooed arms, and a plaid Catholic schoolgirl's skirt. DP wasn't certain that she had caught Gen's eyes so she flashed the bass player her pierced tits. The bass player said, "Very nice. Thanks" and I concurred.

At one point shortly afterwards DP got her wish and was pulled up on stage by Gen. Now, Gen had 3 showgirls and 1 showguy that she had been performing with. She had been simulating intercourse, anal intercourse, and finger fucking. She had been spanking the girls and rubbing their breasts. She took a lollipop out of one girl's snatch (at the last show, Gen gave me the lollipop out of a showgirl's snatch and I shared it with Croctommy - much to Gen's approval). But now was the time for audience participation and DP was first up. Gen shoved her down on the platform on stage left. She lifted DP's skirt and ripped down her panties. Gen hoisted a champagne bottle in the air and then....proceeded to give DP a champagne enema. Naturally, some of it spilled over and then Gen poured it over her pussy. DP was not exactly prepared for this, but loved it. When she left the stage, she had a delicate stride.

Audience participation was not to end there. Indeed, it's a central portion of the Genitorturer's act, but in the past it was generally not on stage. The guitarist's guitar broke at one point. As he waited for a new one to arrive, the bass player and drummer started playing a really funky (and unusual for the Gen's) rhythm. Gen announced that this was the James Brown portion of the show. She then decided that it was time for a masturbation contest. DP nominated her friend and then tried to climb on stage with her. Gen wasn't having that exactly. She decided that DP would have to sit center stage and judge the winner. Another woman was picked from the other side of the stage. Each contestant was placed on a platform and sat facing forward to the audience. Gen warmed them up by rubbing their breasts and pussies and letting them lick hers. She then announced that the ladies were on their own. Before long they were both down on their backs with their legs pushing their hips up and rubbing like no tomorrow. In the end, DP picked the woman who was not her friend as the winner (and she clearly was - DP was a fair judge). But, after that announcement, DP and her friend proceeded to mount the other woman. DP licked her pussy while her friend kissed her, rubbed her breasts, and sat on her face. When Gen saw this she said "Chaos is breaking loose on stage here tonight" and then the first chords of "I Touch Myself" began and Gen sang the tune while getting in the occasional spanking on the girls.

At some point during the show, about half way through, a woman had come up behind me. She was bumping and grinding her hips into my ass. She was clawing my back. She rubbed my chest, stomach, and hips. She sometimes grabbed my hands and worked her hips hard as if she were fucking me from behind. Needless to say, this had a rather intoxicating effect on me. I didn't turn around to see who she was. I did note that Croctommy had moved a little further back. Gen seemed to approve and came by center stage more often. She put her crotch in my face, but grabbed my head and pushed me away. She came by with a pole (about 2 inches around) and then put it in my mouth to suck it. She pushed my head from side to side with her cane. She sang to the woman behind me and forced my head to the ground. I approved of it all.

The final encore came all too soon, but it was to be memorable, to say the least. Gen was on stage singing of guns and sex and domination. She had a toy laser pistol in her hand with a long barrel. She was pouring Jim Beam down it. She had just sang the chorus again when the instrumental break came. She ran to the front of the stage and much to my surprise/delight, grabbed a fist full of my t-shirt. I was struggling to get on stage. Gen pulled, I pushed with my arms, then then the woman behind me helped push me up. Gen threw me towards a platform. She pushed me down face first on it. The three show girls, all nearly nude, were there and they quickly covered over my back, writhing. Gen yanked down my pants and underwear. Two of the girls lifted my legs. Gen then proceeded to take the whiskey covered barrel of that gun and place it next to my asshole. She didn't shove it in (that would have broken several state laws). She walked away to finish the song while the girls continued to writhe over me. One turned my face towards her and stared into my eyes with a fierce stare. I complied and looked obedient. She pushed my head away. The song ended. The girls got up. I pulled my pants up and to my surprise Gen was still saying good night. We passed each other while I went back to the front of the stage.

The girl who was behind me during the show was a cute 20 something. She and her friend helped me down. She said, "I'd have been so embarrassed." It was fine I told her. "I AM so embarrassed." I assured her there was nothing to be embarrassed about, that she was lovely, and I thanked her. She and her friend helped me pick my coat and sweat jacket off of the floor. Croctommy came forward, with a drum stick in his hand, and told me he was "SOOOO jealous" of me. "Yea, but will you respect me in the morning" I replied and he laughed. I said my goodbyes to the ladies. As we walked away, they began making out by the stage. How sweet.

We ran into the bass player on the way out. We told him that we'd had a good time and thanked him. He smiled this rather boyish smile and wished us a happy new year. I left charmed, delighted, grinning ear to ear, and horny as all hell. What a night!

The drive home was uneventful, thankfully. Cops were hanging out by the strip clubs on the way home. No doubt doing vital research for the city. When I got upstairs to go to bed I was delighted to find the co-signer up reading. It was 3 AM and she was worried about my drive home. What a night...


Albatross said...

Wow. I've never been to any performance that interesting.... no, correct that, I've never been involved with anything, public or private, that interesting!

B.D. said...

Photos of the show, not including me, are now online here: