Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Bush criticizes Russia for rolling back democratic reforms. Good for him. Maybe he should look at his own policies while he's at it. Speaking of which, maybe Bush should look at the work of another ally - Pakistan (where killing adulterers is applauded).

In other ally news: Kurd rebels continue to attack Turks, making for a continuing volatile situation. These are allies versus allies. The Turks have been indicating for months that this situation is intolerable. How long before the Turks make a radical strike of their own, sending the whole Iraq mess to another level?

Osama is still alive according to the Taliban leader. What?!!? The Taliban is still alive?!!?

Scooter gets 30 months! Good deal.

William Jefferson, D-La, was charged with bribes. How long will this guy insist on embarrassing his party? Even Delay resigned.

In other Congressional corruption news, Carol Lam, the U.S. Attorney from San Diego in charge of the Duke Cunningham corruption case (and investigating others) was forced to resign sooner rather than later (she wanted a smooth transition with several high profile cases coming up). Impeach Gonzales, now.

Israeli army forgets the lessons of the 1967 war. Interesting read on the 40th anniversary.

Interesting and sad report on how AIDS is affecting young democracies in Africa.

Sad coincidence: Bellevue, WA corrects an embarrassing mistake and provides domestic partnership benefits to both gay and straight employees while Kalamazoo, MI, in light of an embarrasing amendment to their state constitution rolls back partnership benefits.

DNA from a chicken bone may provide evidence that Polynesians beat Europeans to the shores of South America.

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