Friday, June 08, 2007


The Turks now say that they didn't send troops into Northern Iraq. Instead, they are using the language of Bush to justify and peremptory strike into the country if they feel the need to do so. This has finally woken up the NY Times which has sent a reporter into Turkey to check on the front lines of the build up.

The person who would be War Czar has said that he had/has doubts about the "surge" policy. This guy has seen what the new position is all about - placing blame - and is attempting to protect his place in history from the onset.

CIA jails confirmed in Europe, according to an EU investigator. The Guardian has more.

Don't Ask, Don't Translate: the tale of an interpreter fired from the military for being gay. Fired not because his peers or commanders were surprised to find out he was gay or even cared, but rather because of some stumbled upon IMs.

From the drug war front: another botched raid complete with pregnant woman, a man kicked in the groin, immigrants who speak little English, flash grenades, and the standard police regrets and assurances, basically saying "it happens, but it rarely happens in our district." When will we stop the madness?

LA residents told to cut back on showers as the worst drought in 130 years hits the area. Sure, you'll stink, but your lawns will remain green.

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