Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pet peeve

OK - just ran across another pet peeve, the phrase "HIV virus". It's redundant. What the hell do people think the "V" in "HIV" stands for?!!? I AM so glad that they bothered to tell me that it's a Virus virus, lest I be confused that it's a Virus bacteria or a Virus parasite. This one is so widely used that I'm afraid we're stuck with it for a while. I heard a radio host correct a researcher about a month ago in order to clarify the topic. The researcher said something to the effect of "When studying HIV in patients..."

The host, interrupting: "You mean the HIV virus, which causes AIDS?"

The guest, a bit dazed, "Um, yes, HIV, which causes AIDS."

The host continued to use the redundant phrase and eventually the researcher did as well. Ugh...

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