Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Two customers

A young couple came into the store. They approached the counter separately. They were definitely "together" but they were probably on an early date and still going Dutch. The guy gets to the counter first and I ask to see his ID. I'm sure that he's over 21, but he's under 30 so I check it. He looks surprised that I asked (he's only 25). I tell him, "I like to look at pictures."

Thinking he didn't hear me correctly he asked what I said and I repeated the pictures comment. He starts laughing nervously. I smile, thank him for the ID. Next I tell him a story about making that same comment to a couple of guys in the store and one of them replied, "Well, so do we, but not that kind." This puts him more at ease and he laughs harder.

The girl comes to the counter. I don't ask her for her ID as she's getting it out of her wallet before I ask. The guy says, "He needs to see your ID!"

She looks annoyed with this statement. "I know. I'm getting it out."

"He likes to look at pictures. He's gonna love that one because it's hot!" He says this with a tad too little cheese and a tad too much excitement in his voice.

She doesn't reply. Instead she turns towards me and rolls her eyes slightly. He cannot see that response. She definitely is annoyed with him.

Time for me to loosen up the mood a little. "Oh, I only like to look at pictures of the boys. For the girls I actually read the license." She was 26, by the way.

She thought that was a very funny comment and laughed. He laughed too, albeit nervously. He made a hasty exit. "I'll wait by the car for you." This made her laugh harder.

"Thanks for the laugh. You may have made my night," she said to me on her way out the door.

"No problem. Take care and make the best of it."
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