Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pre Valentine's Day conversation

Yesterday, while driving into work in the car:

Richard: Would you like to go see Devil Doll in concert?
Co-signer: Sure, when is she playing?
Richard: April 26th in Everett at some bar downtown there. She's skipping Seattle and going to Everett.

: What day is the 26th?
Richard: It's a Saturday at 8PM.
Co-signer: Sounds like fun!
Richard: Good, 'cause I got tickets already.

, laughing: Ahhhh, I see. Good thing I said I'm going. Otherwise, you'd have to take one of your other girlfriends.
Richard: Oh, baby, thems just hoes. You're the only girlfriend.

, laughing harder: Uh huh. Well, I guess I should be glad for that.
Richard: Shiiiiit, damn right you should.

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