Tuesday, May 13, 2008


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It's been a while since I tried the NY Times recipe for no knead bread. The recipe for this loaf actually came from Cook's Illustrated via Seattle Times columnist Nancy Leeson. She reminded me of the recipe and I decided to follow her lead on making it.

I mixed the dough together on Sunday afternoon. During the night, I put it in the garage to slow the rise. On Monday morning, I pulled it back into the house and let it continue until I got home to deal with it Monday night.


Carol said...

So, was it any good? I remember sending you the NYT recipe a few months ago after my Ballard friend sent it to me.

B.D. said...

Yes, it was delish. I was hoping that the addition of vinegar might play up a fake sourdough flavor better, but that was not the case. Still, the crust and crumb turned out very well.