Friday, May 23, 2008

Tasers control epilepsy

This story is amazing:

No lawsuit has been filed yet. Deana Dwyer sought the advice of Denton lawyer Rocky Haire, who said he has been trying to work with Corinth police for an out-of-court resolution with no luck so far.

“Deana just wants them to acknowledge they did it wrong,” Haire said. “She tried to tell them their officers needed some training on what to do with epileptic seizures and postictal psychosis, but they just blew her off.”

Haire contacted an investigator with the Texas Municipal Intergovernmental Risk Pool, which insures city governments against lawsuits. Haire said the investigator told him that a check of the Taser shows it was fired 15 times within five or six minutes that day.

Mike Rains, a representative of the TMI Risk Pool, said there is an ongoing investigation into the incident, and talks have been initiated with Haire. He would not confirm the extent of the Taser use.

“I believe it was a number of times,” Rains said.

His crime? The 17 year old athlete was tased at least 12 times for struggling and hitting emergency personnel while having an epileptic seizure. When is this madness going to end? Officers apparently need better training and/or these things need to be removed from their use.

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