Thursday, July 24, 2008

Only terrorists prevent sunburn

Idiots at Yankee Stadium are preventing people from taking sunscreen into games for fear of a terrorist threat. Yep, another reason to hate the Yankees - their stupidity.
Security guards collected garbage bags full of sunblock at the entrances to Yankee Stadium over the sweltering weekend, when temps hit 96 degrees and the UV index reached a skin-scorching 9 out of 10 - a move team officials said was to protect the Stadium from terrorism.
Patriots, mind you, see their skin cancer as a sacrifice worthy of our national glory. Even so, some whiny, soft people who dare to call themselves "American" (probably Canadians who snuck across the border to humiliate us with a false protest) complained and the Yankees have capitulated - sort of. Taking the lead from Fatherland Security:
An hour after being asked about the sunscreen ban, Yankee spokesman Jason Zillo told The Post that the rules would be changed to permit 3-ounce containers.

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