Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Couple of thoughts

If the Republicans lose this election, what are the odds that they'll blame it on McQueeg picking a woman to run as VP? A certain sector that currently is crying sexism when liberals mention The Palindrone will probably express disgruntlement later on.

So, why are Karl Rove and Fox calling McQueeg out on the lies of his ads? I think it goes back to the candidate's convention speech. That section where he spoke of Washington failing and how he was going to clean it up? Those words could be read as the "Maverick" riding into town to get government back to work for the people or if you've been in charge for some time, understand the game and play it well, then those words could be code for threatening the world in which you operate. I'm thinking that Rove read it as the latter. Sure, he'll be a lap dog when he's asked to do so, but he needs to protect his turf and image in order to maintain his status as political "wunderkind". Also, Rove has read the polls and he understands them. He may know the outcome of the election already.

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