Sunday, September 07, 2008

Flag waving

So, the McQueeg campaign has decided to play a little gotcha politics (something that I think is low, but fair) and pick on the Democrats for "throwing away flags". The Dems deny it, of course, and it probably was some low level intern or maybe even the stadium crew itself that just didn't understand the bullshit political hay that would be made of it.

What bullshit political hay? Oh, they are obviously attempting to question the patriotism of every member of the Democratic party, but also Obama in particular. It's the subtext the fuels the racial hatred of the campaign and the flat out false email lies that have been circulating. But it's also true to Republican form in another way. Could it be that they are attempting to distract from their own methods of shredding the Constitution by focusing instead on the flag? Republicans have a history of focusing on symbols rather than the language that founded this country and provided freedoms for most of it's people. Or could it simply be that they want people to focus on the Denver flags rather than these flags:

I think both scenarios are plausible. Got a different one? Leave it in comments.

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Scott said...

The fear and loathing of the 'other' is the underpinning of the gop, and manufacturing any reminder in any area strengthens their whole case. Their base thinks they have the corner on patriotism, so when you question anyone else's patriotism it serves highlight other differences. An evil and dark synergism.

I will always remember being dumbfounded in Georgia as the gop catered to the anti-civil rights group with nearly overt racism and promises of resurrecting Jim Crow. Then for the others, they reminded them the old dixiecrats (like zell miller) were racist, so progressive people must dump the new dems. I long ago lost my arrogant yankee conceit that knowingly falling for that crap was in any way unique to the South.

Without making people afraid of their fellow citizens how can pols get away with setting up the new america so citizens exist solely to serve the government and their corporate masters?

B.D. said...

You raise a really good point about citizens serving their government instead of the other way around. I heard a LOT of that in McQueeg's speech the other night.

"Country First" is nationalistic jingoism in the first degree and, given the gop's leanings, it really means "Corporate First".