Friday, November 18, 2005

More random Friday mess

Vonn Cummings Sumner

Amanda Vissell.

The Boston Globe reports that the U.S. has killed 13 journalists since invading Iraq and currently has 5 held in secret detention. Choice line:

A military investigation said the soldier who shot him acted reasonably, noting that the soldier saw a man with ''dark skin and dark hair" and mistook his camera for a grenade launcher.
A Virginia Church, unhappy with state initiatives to ban gay marriages, decides to stop performing marriages altogether. Choice quote:

We're in the Jesus business, not the marriage business.
Totally not safe for work: Several galleries of Femdom art in which men have their heads stuck up the cracks of big bottomed girls.

More tame, but still perhaps not work safe: Galleries of Belly Dancers and Harem Girls.

Ananova reports on an Indian television station that broadcast a Russian porn film instead of the news by mistake.

Years ago I mentioned to friends that I was going to raise a fortune by my invention of "breast muffs". They'd be soft and warm and would also prevent the pointing nipples effect (copyrighted - new band name). It was a joke, of course, but since then I've seen several entries into that category on the internet. Now comes a heated bra from Japan that looks like a friend of Bjork designed it. Try hiding that under your blouse!

Also NSFW: Novelty aprons...perfect for Thanksgiving! WWII airplane nosecone art (retro cool). While we're in the era, how 'bout some 1940s Pinup Covers. Japanese porn dolls that are dispensed in bubble gum dispensers.

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