Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hilton tops Libby

Um, er, OK, let's take that gruesome thought out of our heads. I know a lot of people who are bent out of shape about the Scooter. I understand. On the other hand, are we really surprised? An emphatic "NO!" would be the answer. It is within the constitutional powers of the presidency to pardon and commute sentences. On the other paw, this president has seen fit to generally shred portions of the constitution and only relies on it at a whim, hence the outrage. Here's a snippet from Mark Morford's column on SFGate. Please, go read the whole thing as it's worth the time:
You know who's now done more jail time that Scooter Libby? Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton has now accomplished more in the eyes of the law to pay her debt to society than the VP's former chief of staff ever will for assisting BushCo in corrupting the soul of the goddamn nation. Isn't that cute? Cute enough to cause sharp stabbing pain in your abdomen requiring great amounts of scotch and marijuana to anesthetize? You bet it is.

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