Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tegan and Sara

A few years ago, my partner and I were perusing the Virgin music store in Vancouver, B.C. At one of their listening stations was a CD by Tegan and Sara (their first album). I gave it a listen for 2 reasons. First, the blurb by it noted that they had won a contest as best band in Calgary and secondly, that had ultimately caused them to be the first act signed to Neil Young's new label. The first album was more of a stripped down folk-style record (caveat - a folk album that rocked). Subsequent released had them moving into a more overt rock and pop arena. I've stuck with them and promoted them to friends and family. Apparently so have many other people as the band now has quite a following in North America, even scoring some hits and an appearance on the soundtrack to The L Word television show. Their new album came out last week. Here's the video for the first single:

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