Thursday, July 12, 2007


One of my favorite programs on public radio is PRI's The World. Not only do I get to hear news and perspectives from around the globe, but I also get exposure to new artists. While driving down the freeway yesterday from one job site to the next I heard The World focus on a tabla player named Suphala. She has studied with some excellent tabla masters including Zakir Hussain. On the tracks played on The World (the feature is available for download from their site) Suphala mixes classical tabla playing with modern instrumentation and electronica. The result, while not earth shattering, is completely entrancing. She does a lovely job collaborating with other musicians and her playing is impeccable.

So, imagine my surprise today when I looked up her site and found that she's selling her CDs on her own label through the world's best independent CD store, CD Baby. Two of her 3 releases are available there! Plus, and this is the best part, if you purchase more than one copy of her latest release, you'll get both at 40% off. Buy one for yourself and someone you love! You can also sample that recording at the CD Baby site with generous 2 minute samples (not stingy like other retailers).

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