Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Jill Sobule with Don Was

I first came across Jill Sobule's music a few years ago. It was at the House of Blues in Hollywood. I had flown into town specifically to see a concert by Paul Weller. Weller is notorious for ignoring the U.S. market and typically plays in the Los Angeles area, New York, and sometimes Boston when he passes through North America. Having been a huge fan of Weller's for several decades and having tried to see him on numerous occasions, but failing, I decided to fly to LA for the show.

Jill Sobule was his opening act. Like Weller, hers was to be an acoustic, solo set. She won me over that night. Her songwriting is excellent. Her lyrics can be touching and poignant or just silly and fun. Her personality projected from the stage is endearing. At the end of the set I just wanted to buy her a drink and give her a hug. I settled for spending a couple of minutes talking with her, buying the 2 albums she had for sale, and having them autographed. I've been following her music ever since.

The video below is a new experiment for Jill. She recorded 2 tunes for producer Don Was (um, fellow Detroiter and somewhat of a legend). The idea was to record a song and produce a video within the same day. If you go to, where this video is hosted, you can download free mp3s of this song, San Francisco, and a B-Side, Mom. Both are excellent and might I say that we need more banjo in pop songs these days.

Oh, and before I forget, Jill is playing a really mini tour on the west coast, including a date (August 21st) at The Triple Door in Seattle.

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