Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Senator Craig - Idaho

Anyone else think that Republican gaydar equipment was probably built by Haliburton and distributed by one of it's subsidiaries via a defense contract? Foley, Craig, Allen? They're just testing the latest beta...


Scott said...

It does make it a lot easier for conservatives with mid-life crises who want to try the other side. No need to go to South America to find a man for experimentation. Just look for public restrooms in red states.

This shouldn't be an issue for so many reasons. I don't believe the man is straight in any way. Too bad. Somehow it would be more fitting for a republican to go down as a result of hate mongering based on fiction.

B.D. said...

No, it shouldn't be an issue. The issue is not his homosexuality (although, that's certainly a problem within his own party as they seek to tear him down). The issue is not public sex for nothing actually happened. The issue is not prostitution for money was never mentioned (in Craig's case). The issue is not propositioning other men nor is it propositioning other men in toilets as that is not a crime to my knowledge (nor should it ever be one).

Rather the issue for Craig and the other Republicans mentioned is that they have fought tooth and nail for political gain by promoting vicious hate mongering via speeches and anti-gay rights legislation. They have not merely opposed bills that have come to the floor based on a conservative notion of federalism, but rather have embraced an anti-homosexual agenda and promoted these bills based on some warped version of faith ("warped" not necessarily because of the belief - though I think it is - but because of the way that they so clearly believe that it is OK for them to do these things, but for others less worthy it is an abomination). In other words, they went from passive disagreement to actively fueling the fires of prejudice. While both may be disgusting surely the latter is in a special hell all of it's own making, as Mr. Craig is about to find out.