Monday, August 06, 2007


Another lovely day off. The co-signer and I went to Gold Bar, which is just about 15 miles east of our home. We ate at a diner in town and then went on a 6 mile hike at Wallace Falls. We decided to take a different route than we had last year. This time we took the easier, but longer, Railroad grade route to the lower falls. Then we took the Woody route up to the medium falls. We rested a little here and there along the way, but kept moving much of the time.

Before we left I was cleaning out my backpack when I noticed that I had some Emergen-C packets in there that I had forgotten about. Those came in handy. We poured them into our water bottles at the halfway point and drank it on the way back.

Once home we set about using up the flat of blueberries I had purchased. The co-signer made a blueberry buckle. I made blueberry vodka. I've got to finish with those this morning. I'm going to freeze a bunch of them and might set aside a few for more buckle later in the week.

We made a simple dinner of creamed corn flavored with fresh basil, vegetarian baked beans, and Boca burgers. We watched Ice Age 2 - a rental that we picked up - and went to bed where I read 2 more chapters of the latest Harry Potter book to her.

All in all, a lovely day. Back to the mine today. Tomorrow I'm going to can apricot jam.

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