Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Feminist blogs

I read feminist blogs. As I've said in other contexts, women make up about 50% of the people I love in my life and it behooves me to be aware of their interests. Besides, I like the politics and the discussions as well as the smart and often humorous remarks made on some of them. Now, a group of them has banded together, presenting some of their work under one heading, aptly titled, Feminist Blogs.

Since I already subscribe to some of these on bloglines, this was a no-brainer. One can never have too many intelligent women in one's life.


Anonymous said...

I must admit I'm a bit deprived of feminist anything. Sounds like reading that is definitely worth my while.


Anonymous said...

On behalf of women everywhere--thanks so much!

Now, if we can only teach you to spell...


B.D. said...

Heh, fair enough. I'll try to run spell checker, now that I have one on Firefox, especially when I'm posting at 4:45 AM.