Saturday, November 13, 2004

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Hey, it's my birthday and I'm posting a bunch of unconnected oddities that have come across my path this week.

First up, thanks to Feminsting comes the best article title ever.

We'll follow that up with the joys of sexual physics. With articles such as "Ejaculation at the speed of light" or "Sex with genital piercings is a matter of electrodynamics", how can you go wrong?

What could possibly top that? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. However, I give you genetiate - a company that wants to insert a jellyfish gene into deer so that they'll glow at night, thereby preventing car accidents and, presumably, allowing hunters to work without night vision goggles.

Gmail is going the way of POP3, therby allowing users to access their mail via email clients like Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc. One caveat: I set mine up, but they haven't updated my account so that I can actually access it yet. You first have to go to account settings, then to the Forwarding and POP3 tab. Unfortunately, mine only says "Forwarding" and doesn't mention "POP3", yet.

Today's curiosities end with a good rant from Neal Pollack regarding all of the Democrats who are saying a big fuck you to the southern states that voted for Bush. A small quote from the relatively short rant:

The south gave us Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, Michael Jordan, Hank Williams, Tennessee Williams, fried chicken, Gone With The Wind, Truman Capote, pecan pie, barbecue, Mark Twain, and manned flight. The list goes on and on. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were both from Virginia, both founding fathers and both gun-toting slave owners. If you say 'fuck the South," you're saying fuck Nashville and Charlotte and Charleston, and Atlanta, and Austin, and New Orleans, and Athens, Georgia, the city that gave us the B52s and R.E.M. and...OK, well, fuck R.E.M. But that has nothing to do with the South.

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