Monday, November 08, 2004


Some things I'm looking at today:

BBC reports that a woman with cancer has remained fertile by having doctors implant one of her ovaries in her arm. Cool technology with a worthy goal and kind of weird as well. My sort of thing.

IM Smarter is an interesting approach in expanding the capabilities of instant messaging clients. It's cross platform. It works with Apple, Windows, Linux, etc. It also works with AOL, MSN Messenger, Yahoo, Trillian, Jabber, and more. You can post to blogs, receive data that a friend's blog has been updated, search conversations going way back, and more. The company plans on expanding services and features in the future and to make money eventually by selling premium upgrades. What they do is they route your messages through their proxy servers. The features described, therefore, are not part of the client you're using, but rather part of their servers. It's a pretty neat idea for extending Messenger capabilities. They are encrypting the messages and so on for the user's safety. They are using a very safe server network. They claim that privacy is their greatest concern (it has to be in order to succeed) and you can delete conversations from their servers.

Now for SQL programming geek links. First, there's an article on MSDN on unit testing your T-SQL. It contains links to this open source project called, TSQLUnit that is used for just that purpose. Pretty damn cool.

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dew said...


I'm glad you could take a look at IM Smarter! I've been working very hard on it for the past year. We'd love to hear your feedback on the service - what's working for you and what's not.

David, Founder of IM Smarter