Saturday, November 20, 2004

Spell checkers

I just went back through the post below and ran a spell checker. I am normally a pretty good speller, but when I post early in the mornings I am often sloppy about it. As noted in a comment to my post about Feminist Blogs, it would be wise for me to use a spell checker more often.

As you may be aware, I use Firefox by Mozilla as my browser. I've been using it since earlier this year when it was still in beta. It's a great browser. It's more secure than Internet Explorer and I love the extensibility of it.

One of the things I was missing in Firefox, however, was a spell checker. I have one for IE, which doesn't get used anymore since the only thing I use IE for is Microsoft Updates andthe occasional issue I find between a site and Firefox. A few months back I looked for a spell checker for Firefox, but couldn't find one available. After the above mentioned comment, I searched for a one again and this time I found one. Like the spell checker for IE, it's free.

I use several other Firefox extensions. Among them, TinyURL creator, Chatzilla, Adblock, FireFTP, Blogger Notifier, Gmail Notifier, Googlebar, Search Keys, Livelines, Image Zoom, Bookmark Backup, IEview, Show Old Extensions, and Chrome Edit. Are others adding as much as I? Let me know.

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