Saturday, June 04, 2005

Dickie's Securities

Or, this one should be called the "Your taxpayer money at work - or not" Or maybe it's the Bruce Schenier edition since I cribbed these stories from him.

What do you think the Department of Fatherland Security should be doing? Infiltrating terrorist networks? Pinpointing possible terrorists? Schneier reports that instead they are fighting copyright issues by chasing BitTorrent servers distributing illegal copies of Revenge of the Sith. Nice.

Feel safer yet? Probably, but the NY Times might make that feeling go away. Schneier reports that billions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted by DFS because the equipment they have purchased to scan at airports and other places is either defective, too costly to run, or just never worked properly. But, hey, they are just implementing that program at the twin ports of LA and Long Beach!

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