Saturday, June 25, 2005

Leaving tomorrow

Well, Shawn and I discussed it last night and we decided that it would be best to hit the road Sunday. She's got a new cell phone to play with. I want to do laundry. And we need to pack up properly and to get some food to take with us. We wanted a lazy start to our vacation.

Speaking of lazy starts, it's a cloudy, chilly morning here in outer Monrovia. I'm inside looking at Cycloramas, which are panoramas painted on the inside of circular buildings. Pretty interesting stuff.

Speaking of leaving tomorrow, I was telling my neighbor that we were going away and that no one should be around except for my friend Kris, who is coming over to feed the cats. He said, "So if I see any unsavory characters, then I should come over with my Glock." After assuring him that the cops would be fine, he asked me to describe Kris. I did so and added, "Oh, and she's completely savory." He didn't get it. I hate to waste good lines like that on people who don't appreciate them. Which is why I'm printing it here.

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SonarTech said...

Oh, I got the 'savory' comment, Richard, it was just wasted on me. You see, I too am married. ;-)