Saturday, June 04, 2005

Random Music list

OK, I missed the Friday posting. Work is kicking my ass. We got in a big order from Victoria's Secret with another one from them to start on the day the first one finishes plus a French firm is talking about placing a large order. All of which is very good news, but makes for a busy BD.

In any case, here's the random ten meme that I began a couple of weeks ago. The rules: Set your PC or portable music player to random and post the first ten tunes that appear. This week's set was pretty odd for me, but I'll own up to this stuff:

1) Doobie Brothers - South City Midnight Lady

Yea, I'm a Doobie Bros. fan, especially the earlier days. They were one of the first shows I saw in Michigan back in 1981(?) at what was then called Pine Knob Music Theater. As I recall one of the Beach Boys opened and was awful. The Doobies were fine, however, and I liked the pre-Michael McDonald numbers. So, this track comes from their first greatest hits collection.

2) David Bowie - Heroes

Title track from his classic late 70s album. Brian Eno, who has a new album out this week, did a great job producing this and even sings backing vocals.

3) Gosane - No Tears (from Tuxedomoon Reloaded)

No word on this other than it's a sort of goth take on the tune which I enjoy. Tuxedomoon have only grown in stature for me over the years. Archie introduced me to them with the original EP of this song. In the mid 80s, I saw them play in Detroit and was blown away. By then I was already a big fan and owned all of their releases that I could get my hands on. I've continued to follow them over the years and even toyed with seeing them in San Francisco a couple of months ago. I've also kept up on their solo projects. Their album from last year made it into my top 10.

4) Madness - Night Boat To Cairo

A classic. People may know this band from their 80s hit, "Our House" which even made it big here in the states. I prefer the earlier sound such as this one with it's ska roots.

5) Michelle Shocked - What Can I Say?

Finally, out of the old music, but with a mature artist. This is from her most recent release, BUT Michelle has a new album out in a couple of weeks. Actually, 3 new albums out. The girl's got ambitions. We're toying with seeing her new show at The Triple Door in July.

6) Sunshine Anderson - Heard It All Before (Ben Watt Lazy Dog Remix)

Dance music from former Everything But The Girl man, Ben Watt. This is from his Lazy Dog mix CD. Good stuff. For fans of EBTG, there might be some work from Tracey later this year.

7) William Onyeabor - Better Change Your Mind

I don't know much about this tune except that it's 70s, Afro-funk. And that's downright excellent.

8) Patti Smith - Trampin'

The title track from Ms. Smith's latest record. I put this album on a fair amount. It's one of the best rock albums in years. Trampin' is the mellow tune that ends the album. It's a cover of an old spiritual and features Smith's daughter on piano.

9) Pross Tournesol - Killer (from Booty Ze Kick)

Booty Ze Kick is a mash-up record of a French band. That's all I know except that I liked this tune enough to keep it.

10) Ben Harper with the Blind Boys From Alabama - There Will Be A Light

Great stuff. Buy it...and buy their damn live record, too.

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