Sunday, June 25, 2006

Miami Seven

What a bunch of maroons! Seriously - the Justice Department is making a big deal of these guys?!!? The Miami Herald tells us that the seven were followers of the Moorish Science Temple of America whose prophet was Noble Drew Ali. Check out some of Noble Drew Ali's quotes here.

I'm sure that their religion is just as fine as any other - seriously. But the guys that Gonzales was making a big deal about are the Keystone Cops of terrorists. They were hardly big players. Perhaps they deserved surveillance. Perhaps they deserved some interrogation. But did they deserve a press conference and media blitz? Nope.

What we ultimately have are our hired Keystone Cops, our Keystone Government, our Keystone Media, and the Keystone Terrorists putting on a display of National Theater/Propaganda in a sort of Doppleganger Doppleganger scenario that only a fear mongering politician would buy into.

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