Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Herman Goering's Mercedes is up for sale on eBay.

This guy has an Underpants Archive. The dude saves underpants and he has a particular fondness for the kind with graphics from kid's shows and cartoons. NSFW as he sometimes stretches the limits of said underwear, knowaimsayin.

I think that I've mentioned this before here, but in any case, the rhythm method causes the destruction of more potential humans than condom use and abortion.

Menopause beer.

Fisting as an act of Faith (in the Christian God, that is).

The RIAA are sending cease and desist orders to teens placing videos of themselves dancing to music on YouTube because the kids haven't paid a licensing fee for the songs. Idiots. They cannot recognize free, viral marketing when they see it. One wonders how they see this as a loss of some sort. The kids aren't going to start paying licensing fees after all. At best, they'll stop making videos (and that would be a good thing, IMHO) or they'll find a different distribution method.

While the blog was down a tragic accident occurred. Former porn star and always geek, Asia Carrera, had a death in the family. Her husband was traveling home from Nevada when he got into a car accident. He was dead on the scene. Asia now finds herself a single mother of one with another on the way. Information on the details plus how you can donate a few dollars to help her through this daunting period are here. I actually came across Asia's website quite by accident in the mid 90s. I was searching for information on the continent while bored at work one night. Of course, seeing what the site was did not deter me. For the next year to year and a half, I went back to the site on a regular basis - primarily to the chat room. Hers was the first chat room I had used. I enjoyed the conversations there. This was not your usual group of people nor was it a stereotypical porn chat room (no sex chat allowed in public). The range of people on there went from geeks to finance people to the just curious to fans and to Asia herself. I spoke with her about her website and the PCs she used (she runs the thing to this day and does her own programming). We also chatted about investments and Warren Buffet. I haven't been back in years, but hearing the details of her recent tragedy really struck me. If you wish, take the time to check out the site and info - the link above is safe for work.

A flaw in PayPal is being exploited to defraud people.


Albatross said...

Asia's bulletin at
is particularly heartbreaking today, the first day, apparently, that she has been alone since Don's death. She's so scared about having this baby. I can't imagine.

Oddly, almost everyone found Asia's website by accident - certainly I did. It was 1996 or 1997, and I was researching building my first server, and there I was reading Asia's page about her "buttkicking webserver".


But it's true. Now were she a freckle-faced redhead, my story would have no credibility whatsoever, but really, Asia is not my type. I'd kick her out of bed if she crawled in with me. Honestly. Have her crawl into bed with me sometime and see...

B.D. said...

Damn, I just read that entry. Heartbreaking doesn't begin to describe it. I cannot imagine what she's going through right now. It's just terrible.