Saturday, August 26, 2006


In this post on my travels to Peshastin and purchasing peaches, I mistakenly referred to "Smallwood Farms" as a stop on my journey. A careful reader wrote last night to correct me:
Smallwood's Harvest is in Peshastin....Smallwood Farms is in Okanogan
No business connection, just shirt tail relatives. I noticed the slight error in your son owns the Okanogan Smallwood Farms and has great Red Globe peaches. :)
So, it was Smallwood's Harvest that I visited. A usually packed to the gills sort of operation filled with produce and tourist trappings, some of which is good, but the atmosphere turns me off.

On the other paw, please visit Smallwood Farms in Okanogan and buy some Red Globe peaches. They are delicious, hold their shape well, and irresistible. Besides, you'll support family farming and what could be better than that!

Thanks, dear reader, for the kind note of correction.

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Scott said...

I have a bottle of hot sauce, Extra Hot Devil's Breath from Smallwood Farms. My friend Beth picked it up for me, and I really like it for marinades.

I think they mean Extra Hot by Northern European standards, so it imparts a nice taste and a mild tang which isn't too much for most the bland palate types.