Thursday, August 31, 2006


Radio Shack fires 400 employees via email. Classy.

The Children's database being developed in the UK, supposedly to protect children, will not include children of celebrities because, you know, no one ever wanted to harm a celebrity child. Just ask the Lindbergs, the Hearsts, or the Ramseys.

Also in the UK, Blair has increased the size of his propaganda office His government blames the 24/7 news coverage while others see it as a way to stave off his flagging policies in Iraq and elsewhere.

Funny difference in headlines today. The LA Times says:
Iraqi Forces Not Ready Yet, U.S. General Says
The Guardian Unlimited in the UK says:
The U.S. view of Iraq: We Can Pull Out Within A Year
The view on the ground: unbridled savagery.
Same story, different takes. The LA Times headline seems pessimistic while the Guardian's seems cynical. Neither are favorable.

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