Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mike Malloy

Air America continues to shoot itself in the foot. It fired Mike Malloy yesterday. Malloy was filling in for the Randi Rhodes show this week, but alas no more. Listen good folks at Air America: Franken can be funny, but not often enough and it is painful to hear him on the air sometimes. I think he's a sincere and thoughtful man, but he's not a radio personality. The best thing for Air America would be for Franken to leave the airways to run for the Senate.

Jerry Springer? Worse. Hearing him think through an issue on the air is terribly unprofessional. He waffles, equivocates, and whines. Again, I'm sure he's sincere and thoughtful, but he's about as welcome as a limp cucumber in salad.

Randi Rhodes? She can be great, but she's on too long. I love Randi, but sometimes I feel as if she's trying to fill airtime when she gets going on an irrelevant rant.

Sam Seder? Pretty good. He's growing into his role. Seder's show is well prepared and he doesn't take crap.

Mike Malloy was a highlight on your network. I'm sure you got him for a fraction of the cost to get Springer and Franken. Do yourself a favor - get him back and let the other two go. The publicity factor for having Franken has worn out it's welcome. Seek, cultivate, and maintain some real talent. Malloy was one of those talented folks. Too bad you followed the Broadcast News method and went after the glamorous suit instead of the substance. You folks may know a lot about politics, but you don't know shit about radio.

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