Thursday, August 24, 2006


A color picture of the cat with the gold capped teeth. Bad ass!

Pets and the City
market upscale dog clothes, collars, carriers, and bling. Yes, you read that right: bling. One of their slogans is "Bling that Bitch" which would be funny except that photos throughout the site feature either pictures of dogs or WOMEN. I am not a prude. Women wearing dog collars is fine, but women wearing dog collars with are the farthest thing from the S & M scene (teal, for instance and bejeweled) and accompanied by a "Bling that Bitch" slogan is degrading in a most degrading way. Disgusting.

Republicans in former representative, full time asswipe, Tom Delay's former district (so dedicated to them that he changed residence to Virginia after resigning) sued to have his name removed from the ballot in Texas. He lost the suit which meant that Republicans in Sugarland had to find a write in candidate to push. Rather than pick someone with a simple name like "Uncle Tom Swift", they chose Shelley Sekula-Gibbs. That's going to be tough for voters to remember. To make matters worse, as TPMmuckraker reports, the electronic voting machine that will be used in that district makes it difficult to enter in a write in candidate (requiring a track wheel to scroll over individual letters in order to input them; rather than just typing away). Why would a district choose such machines? Perhaps I'm being cynical, but I suspect it was to assist in eliminating the possibility that a write in candidate would succeed.

War and Piece is reporting that the administration is sending out feelers for candidates to replace Rumsfeld. A good move, if a belated one. After all, who would want the job, now? Other than the most publicity hungry sycophant around who's looking for a quick way to rise to the limelight, I mean. Apparently, at least one candidate has already turned Bush down even after a personal arm twisting.

Plan B has been approved
in the U.S. after 3 years of political delays, the head of the FDA quitting and her successor having his nomination put on hold for not allowing science to dictate it's outcome. Kudos go to Patty Murray and Hillary Rodham-Clinton for leading the charge on this one. Still, it wasn't a total win. Pharmacists will keep it behind the counter and it will only be available to women 18 years and older. But this is a step forward and as such it should be cheered. Now, can we get back to Plan A (sensible sex education)?

The solar system is suddenly down to 8 planets after Pluto was dissed.

Here's some erotic photography to take your mind off the universe. NSFW

Man born with two penises wants one removed. Woman born with two uteruses feels blessed.

Aztecs ate at least 550 conquistadors. North American CEOs laud the increase in productivity they've achieved. The Bush administration responds, "We couldn't have done Iraq without you."

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