Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Quick Hits 200th post version

Wow, it's my 200th post here. I've shot my mental wad 200 times since August. Gonna have to try and think of something to celebrate.

How about this fine article on how the American media is conservative, or at least, cowed by conservatives. Here's a good quote:

You can say what you like in the US media, as long as it helps a Republican president. But slip up once while questioning him, and you will be torn to shreds. Even the most grovelling affirmations of loyalty won't help.

Good stuff. To continue on with a theme, my friend Scott over at ActingUp has a rant posted yesterday regarding Republicans, neo-cons (why are they called "neocons" when we all know that they are full time "cons" who should be "convicts"?), and the state of the military. Before you get your bloomers in an uproar, Scott served in the military so he knows something about it first hand. I've had my perceptions corrected by him once or twice.

Another friend, MessiahBomb, points out that there are mp3s from the Nova Convention of Burroughs, Giorno, Gysin, Anderson, Waldman, and Zappa over here. Nice. As I recall, the original release was 2 cassettes, so I wonder if anything is missing. I've heard some of this material before, but it's on LP - which is currently being shipped to my home from the scarent's house, or will be in the near future. The rest of that site is wonderful, by the way, for those who are into writing and poetry. One day I'll have to compile my tales, such as they were, of meeting some of these folks.

Heh, so I dedicate this 200th post to a couple of the people who inspired me to do this in the first place. It's still an evolving media for me. Hopefully, it will continue to evolve and I'll find my own voice more often, rather than just the quick hits.

Update: Forgot to post the link to the article on how conservative forces shape the American media. It's now there.

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