Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Firefox 1.1 release has apparently been pushed back. No date set, but probably later than the originally announced March 2005 date.

USA Hurray has an article about a guy who wanted to drive Americans out of Arab lands. Unfortunately for him, his collaborators blew up the truck with him still in it. That was not his plan. Buried in the article is the real headline grabbing tidbit:

While he was awaiting his mission, he says, he was told that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of a terrorist network responsible for numerous bombings and beheadings, had been captured by Iraqi police only to be let go after seven hours because they didn't recognize him.

Finally, my brother would like me to note that his employer's IT department did not just block my blog (I didn't think that they targeted me), but rather all blogs. Apparently they believe that blogs are personal spaces only and therefore offer no value to their development teams. So, if you will, please ignore the following examples:

Sun Bloggers - Blogs for Sun employees, including developers
Planet Sun - See above
OraBlog - Blog for the Oracle development community
Channel 9 - MSDN site, which really isn't a blog, but they publish several feeds via RSS just like bloggers do, so you can read it with your favorite aggregator.
ScottGu's Blog - ASP.NET guru
Nikhilk - another ASP.NET guru
SQL Server MSDN Site - Again, not a blog, but an RSS feed
O'Reilly Developer Blogs - postings by writers for the famous developing publishing house.
Scobleizer - Microsoft's Blog guru/marketing/geekenthusiast. Sure, he is sometimes a blow hard, but he often spreads some good info. I browse him daily.
SecurityFocus - It is as advertised. I suppose IT folks would never read it.
Schneier on Security - Similar to above, only with a personal view on topics. Developers and IT folks have probably never read Applied Cryptography by the same guy. - More SQL Experts Blogs
Truncate Table...master sysdatabases - Another SQL blog
VS Data Team's Weblog - The name says it all
SQL Junkies - Yet another SQL blog
Solid Quality Learning - A SQL Guru Blog

These are but a few of the blogs that my aggregator picks up feeds from daily. My point is not that my blog should be open for any business but rather for someone to say that blogs are useful for nothing other than personal space is for that person to show she has her head firmly up her ass...or her boss' ass.

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