Thursday, January 27, 2005


An Update on eXeem: I previously reported on eXeem as being a BitTorrent-based P2P software that uses no centralized network which makes it more difficult to be tracked by the RIAA and MPAA. While this is true, I cannot recommend the software as it contains spyware. The good news is that eXeem Lite is out without the bloated spyware. Get it while you can as the makers of eXeem are bound to sue...not that this will halt development. It's amusing how the makers of P2P with spyware (like Kazaa) end up suing developers who make spyware free versions of their software for impinging on their copyrights. And the battle continues...

Here's an amusing video to be sent to newbies who make the most common errors on message boards. It's done in an old timey style. Requires audio.

After my posting about XM Radio, I read on Slashdot this morning that XM and Sirius are in talks about a merger. This makes some sense as both companies license much of the same material. It remains to be seen if the FCC will allow the merger.

Finally, and this was worth waiting for, sculptures based on the work of Hiƫronymus Bosch.

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